Atmota is an online magazine focusing on contemporary Asian stories and providing analysis on culture, politics, economics, and technology. At the heart of Atmota is a devotion to data and finding the personal and societal threads within.

In the years to come, Asia will continue to yield its economic and cultural influence on a global scale, and its sense of singularity will be further tested and defined. The challenge is not only to distill what is newsworthy, but to hopefully reveal the clues and trends that will outline how East and West will integrate into a shared future.

Atmota = (Atom + Modal)
A kernel that conveys a larger pattern.

Atmota founder Gabriel Kuo began his career in the music and publishing industries, and has served as Art Director for several agencies. He was also the Global Creative Director for Bob Marley’s lifestyle brand for a number of years. He is the book editor for The Strokes: The First Ten Years, and Pantera: A Vulgar Display Of Pantera.

Stanley by Jérémie Gauthier

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